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About Amima Ventures

The ordinary person in our modern society enjoys luxuries and amenities that would have kings of antiquity in complete disbelief.


To even a casual observer, the cause is clear: the technological revolution. A revolution that has more often than not started as a side project in one’s spare time. Moving forward in the 21st century, it is crystal clear that a lack of focus on innovation is a sure recipe for failure.

Keeping up with the rate of progress is a misguided task, given its speed. Thus, our approach aims to focus on the agents of such innovation directly. And so, based in the hub of the Middle East, Dubai, a veritable melting pot of different cultures and ideas, Amima is an investment company that is always on the hunt for talented individuals who are innovating in the Food and Hospitality industry.

To this end, Amima goes over the bright, innovative leaders of today with a fine-toothed comb and selectively engages the right people with the required avant-garde mindset and foresight, providing them with the support and guidance needed to flourish. Thus we ride the wave of innovation and abundance instead of chasing after it.



Searching high and low for innovation, we let our values drive us forward in achieving our mission by guiding the way



through collaboration



without sacrificing sustainability



with capital efficiency



horizontal and vertical growth

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Impactful investments in innovative Food ventures.

Amima firmly believes that innovation, although powerful, does not always succeed solely on merit. As such, every new idea requires a certain critical mass to grow exponentially. Amima believes that our team has a substantial history and valuable experience to invest in the entrepreneurs of today and make them the market leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Find the gems of innovation in the Food industry.

With decades of experience in the Food industry, we leverage our extensive network to find innovative entrepreneurs making a technological impact in the market. We enable the driven entrepreneur to grow exponentially by unlocking access to forward-looking investors who bring their wealth of wisdom. We facilitate our partners, allowing them to impact positive, radical change in the world. Innovation is closely followed by prosperity.

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